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A great value way to travel inter-city across Finland.

A great value way to travel inter-city across Finland.

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Limited Mobility OnniBus.comLuggage Policy

We welcome all passengers on and do our best to assist those with walking difficulties or those who normally use wheelchairs.

In the majority of cases our buses will have low floors and convenient seats for those with walking difficulties and facilities for passengers who need to remain in their wheelchairs.

If you normally use a wheelchair and are able to climb a few steps into the bus, we will store your wheelchair in the luggage bay and the driver will help you into your seat.

However, if you normally use a wheelchair and you need to remain in it for your journey on, please make sure that there is an available limited mobility seat on your chosen journey. If there is available seat you can purchase your ticket on

Please call us on +358447057110 (calls charged at standard rate) no later than 36h before you want to travel and explain to our customer service agent the date, time and where you want to travel to. We recommend you to contact us as early as possible in order for us to reserve the wheelchair service for you.

We strongly recommend that you travel with a friend, relative or personal care assistant, as many of our trips travel long distances between stops. Should you wish to use the toilet facilities during your journey, our driver will not be able to stop the bus or help you. Toilet is not wheelchair accessible. Assistant travels free of charge provided a seat has been reserved through customer service, latest 36h before departure.

In the vast majority of cases our buses will be equipped with low floors, accessible seats and limited mobility access for those who need to travel in wheelchairs, however on some occasions, where operational or other circumstances dictate, we may not be able to offer some or all of these facilities. In the event that these facilities are not available, you may be offered an alternative journey or refused travel for your own comfort and safety.