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A great value way to travel inter-city across Finland.

A great value way to travel inter-city across Finland.

Luggage Policy |

Luggage Policy OnniBus.comLuggage Policy operates a fair and open luggage policy, with no hidden charges. Passengers should refer to our detailed Terms and Conditions for full details of our Luggage Policy. Brief guidelines on luggage are presented below. may refuse to carry luggage which does not adhere to these guidelines or our Terms and Conditions.

Luggage Allowance

Passengers are advised that will accept, free of charge, up to two pieces of luggage per passenger:

  1. One piece of luggage weighing up to 20kg and no bigger than a standard sized suitcase which will be transported in the luggage compartment (“Main Luggage”)
  2. One small piece of luggage to be taken on board the bus, in a size allowing it to be easily placed under the seat or on the shelf located above the Passenger’s seat (“Hand Luggage”). The Hand Luggage should not block easy movement by the remaining passengers.
  3. Single ski equipment, such as skis or snowboard, are allowed as an addition to the 20 kg Main Luggage allowance. However, please note that the equipment is not allowed to be loose in the luggage compartment or cause any damage to other luggage. The Driver has the right not to authorize the luggage, if it is not properly packed.

Passengers wishing to travel with more luggage than included in their Luggage Allowance may have items refused or off-loaded, depending on the availability of space.

We regret that we cannot accept normal bicycles on board, but folding bicycles will be accepted in the hold provided that they are in their special bag so as not to damage other passengers’ luggage.

General Guidelines and Conditions

Where valuable items are being transported it is recommended that the luggage be insured by the passenger.

Transporting luggage or possessing material and items which are illegal, could endanger the safety of the journey, could injure another passenger or a member of staff or could result in discomfort for other passengers or staff is forbidden.

The transportation of animals on the coach is forbidden.

In the case of a justified suspicion that these guidelines or our Terms and Conditions are not being adhered to, a member of staff may check whether the contents of the luggage are in accordance with these guidelines and our Terms and Conditions.

Passengers with Limited Mobility

Passengers with limited mobility are entitled to transport their wheelchair or similar assistive device for free, subject to the conditions described in our Limited Mobility sections.

Registered guide-dogs assisting passengers with disabilities are allowed to travel on They should have a harness and a certificate confirming the status of a guide-dog and a certificate confirming that the guide-dog has been treated with or received all the necessary vaccinations to enter the country of destination plus all countries of transit.

Lost or Damaged Luggage

All pieces of Luggage or other items are carried entirely at the passengers own risk. The passenger is solely responsible for any Luggage and the contents thereof.

Luggage whose owner cannot be identified may be removed from the bus in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

In the event of the loss, depletion or damage to the Main Luggage or the Hand Luggage, this fact should be immediately reported to a member of staff who will ask you to fill in the appropriate Lost or Damaged Luggage Form. This form should be completed and signed by both the passenger and a member of staff. If any of the parties do not agree with the content of the form, they should record this on the form. is not responsible for the Main Luggage or Hand Luggage nor other items transported by the Passenger under his/her own care. is also not responsible for loss or damage to money, securities or valuable items, in particular valuables or items having scientific or artistic value.